So yeah, agree and disagree. i actually just started using wordpress a week ago without really knowing anything about it and i must say i really don't know why the majority of TXP folk are so anti-WP. We got you covered. But as I contemplate the launch of yet another site, I find myself being drawn more and more toward MODx. I like and respect that, personally, and so do many of the folks who make those speaking rounds you allude to. Constant Contact website builder is an intelligent A.I. It’s just for blogs, meaning everything you need is laid out for you, and … Meta Title and Meta Description, and removal of the /category/ base – which is ALL I’m using the gigantic Yoast SEO plugin for. more major plugin authors like netcarver (mlp pack) and rob sable (every single rss_ plugin that are basically essential to TXP) have left for greener pastures. For example, WordPress offers an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. I tried over and over to get motivated to learn the Textpattern template and forms system, but I kept falling short. Postings in the ‘[mention] textpattern vs. wordpress’ topic in the ‘Latest happenings’ subforum. Textpattern is an elegant content management system that is free, open source software. I’m involved with a half dozen sites running Textpattern, one of which will be be the new incarnation of a popular metro-area Deaf community site. Who will blog about a tag-parser? powered … and while I find it’s not for me, I certainly think it packs some punch. WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Shopify are some of the best CMS in the market. I would recommend you install Acquia Drupal edition, since it comes with all the essential must have modules of Drupal, including image handling modules, CCK for custom content types, etc. Think i might stick w/ WordPress though. Hmm, the momentum of WordPress is so ‘uge that Textpattern can’t be seen as anything else than a bottomline flatline. The scary part that it will be the same next 5 years. And here I just got confirmation to my doubts about textpattern. I see Dean Allen more like Steve Wozniak – without Woz, Apple would probably not have been conceived, and without Dean, Textpattern wouldn’t either. Moving around the back end too, you'll find that installing themes or plugins, checking your blog's stats or even upgrading the CMS – all can be accomplished in WP in a way easier manner as compared to TXP. With him, it was always more a play of incognito silence, abrubt announcements, more silence, and then he left Textpattern. Textpattern is stuck in the realm of “We Publish – You Read” one-way communication (apart from comments) because it can’t do anything else. in order to get around this you have to use rss_unlimited_categories, a plugin the original author abandoned years ago and the unlimited custom fields plugin by gerhard which costs you a fair 20$ but should be unnecessary if TXP itself was actually fixed. If Crockery (4.1) comes out, with a brand new, more efficient interface, and a lot of the modern, need-to-have stuff implemented, like tags, multiple categories, etc, yes, then Textpattern might return with a vengeance, but with the downward momentum, it will end like the Commodore Amiga and Betamax video tapes – on the tech graveyard. #2 Plugins. Gerhard > I’m not very PHP-wise, so thanks for sharing your views on that side of the equation. Switch to WordPress from Textpattern 2009 As I mentioned in this previous post , I switched to WordPress (WP) from Textpattern (TXP) this time for my site redesign. Sure there’s still a few things missing but a project like this (wp and other open source cms included) is always going to be a work in progress. Despite being among the more lightweight WordPress alternatives on this list, Textpattern is still a solid option. You can say Textpattern doesn’t have a leader, or whatever, other people have made the same claim, but that’s got nothing to do with Dean Allen, hasn’t for a long time. It’s all just words and freedom of speech;-). Hardly a leader. But, you may say, Textpattern does not have as big a community as WordPress. A google search on comparing the two brought me here to your review. Do you use beer to produce? Both WordPress and Textpattern are in active development (so this sub-heading perhaps should've been different, but I couldn't resist). Like Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. At all. But it is not optimal, and not as functional as the WordPress app that just rocks, with its perfect support for tags, categories, drafts, multiple sites, offline-mode, photo integration – it rocks! Literally. While Textile and other related items can be your best friends if you get used to them, they really will seem mind boggling features if you are a stranger to them. Many users, like me, don’t care what is under the hood, as long as it’s good. But once you get it, and get comfortable with CCK, you are pretty much unstoppable. Textile is a very popular element among TXP users, and once you get used to it, you really will find WP's interface bit over done. This seems to be the most debatable topic. So, one of my new year resolutions for 2010, is to ONLY use WordPress. Only downer is the use of php in its template system. Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox, © 2020 CMS Critic. Who wants to develop such a stale platform into something better, or more useful? Clients may start demanding free open source to be used, and maybe EllisLab, the company behind ExpressionEngine will struggle in the coming years. When comparing WordPress vs Jekyll, the Slant community recommends Jekyll for most people.In the question“What are the best solutions for a personal blog?”Jekyll is ranked 2nd while WordPress is ranked 3rd. So many themes, so much and so good quality documentation that I feel right at home already. On a similar note, both TXP and WP have a good quiver of plugins and extensions. My situation was simply that Textpattern is not born with core user self-registration features, which plays out in lack of proper e-commerce solutions, and little general use in these times of social networking fellowships being all the rage. You should check out our article on the difference between vs for more details. Compare Textpattern, b2evolution, Wordpress and NucleusCMS feature by feature and find your best Blog software! However, even if you are new to coding, it does use a text-to-HTML converter that allows you to generate clean codes. And, for now, I promise not to talk more about momentum for the next few days;-). I’m writing this on my iPhone via the WordPress iPhone app. There are plenty of room for improvement in Textpattern, I already went into that in my blog post;-). TextDrive… Don’t even go there, I had a client with them, and he had trouble with them even a year after he got his refund for an extremely poor experience. You can only go two levels deep, which is a limitation. Boogenstein > Comparing beer to web developent? I’ve had too many emails recently from companies shutting down some or all of their services. With Textpattern, everything is so scattered. And was thinking if I should stay loyal to textpattern or switch to something different. I’m a bit late in a the game here, I know. Had I realized that to begin with (knowing you’re a long-timer), I wouldn’t have given you the Dean Allen history as, of course, you know already. WordPress starts easy on you, and then you can extend it with plugins depending on your needs. It certainly points as to why some aspects of Textpattern appears to stale. Destry, livetalks equal public presence. The problem is PHP. Wix vs. WordPress: An overview. It’s not as popular as WordPress or Joomla, but the usage is similar to any other website building platform. Has anyone ever carved a Textpattern pumkin for Halloween? Lee > ModX, yeah – the totally rewritten version is now in public alpha (beta?) If you are geeky enough, you really should not be worried as you can tweak TXP to your liking and build a website. I do agree with you that the dev end of txp seems to lack momentum – but what it lacks in momentum is not what it lacks in quality. So that followers (ie. F.e. Oliver, regarding Dean Cameron Allen’s online presence I’d like to bring a quite lively to your attention. Regardless of the degree of momentum – it is still moving forward and therefore never truely finished. And a funny one to read, with Messiah, bin Laden and the new Carlsberg receipe in it. LOL! I started looking around for alternatives, and ended up having several “aha” moments with WordPress. As an update let me say I'm really happy using WordPress (and Drupal for bigger projects). TextPattern vs WordPress. I had full intentions of using Textpattern as the CMS software choice for a site I am redesigning. Even though it was superior in some aspects. Its latest version has undergone a good revamp and the organization of the administrative back end is now as user friendly as it can get! Work goes on inside the community, but a redesign of, which has been long overdue since 2004, has not been implemented, even though community efforts to write copy, design and code was done with good energy. Comparison : Textpattern -vs- WordPress #1 CMS System. Connects your TXP database tables and creates a WP-style extended RSS file. While Textpattern CMS is mostly seen as a weblogging tool, it has the features of a content management system and is suitable for deployment in many contexts. I do remember when it was hot and had momentum. The login page will open in a new tab. The thing is, the world of tech moves quite fast, probably because the web is a rather young medium. Textpattern is probably one of the most lightweight WordPress alternatives in the market which is super simple in design. That said, for a magazine style site, it can be a good choice, but so can WordPress and Drupal. But lately I’ve been unfaithful to Textpattern. It was originally developed by Dean Allen and first released in 2003. So when I update some of my clients sites, that were built on Textpattern, I am truly amazed at how fast they run. Simple as that. Okay, back to the subject…. Then you can activate those you need and leave the rest alone. I think it’s time to give myself a chance to try WP, not just for trying something different but trying to find a better system for my site or (future) projects. His wife mentioned WP and I suggested TXP. For the selling part he will use PayPal. For the sake of clarity, I've attempted to sub-divide this article into multiple heads. Between the lines I read that to mean something along the lines of; new features can be deferred to Crockery, and we’ll “maintain” the stable branch. Boom, saved. i was a huge follower of TXP for the past couple of years. anyway i still like TXP, but i simply cannot justify spending more time on a system that doesn't seem to have a stable future at all. But a leader he was/is not. Orchard. This can prevent you from losing important site programming data as well as a quick recovery so your users are not turned away by a problematic webpage. Lesser number of themes or templates (as compared to WP), Unless you install WPMU, it can power only one blog, Slightly limiting back end (if you're a geek). However, WP is updated on a more frequent basis as compared to TXP. Textpattern: Textpattern is one of the WordPress alternative CMS platforms that was specially designed for developers. Now you can continue with the CMS saga . Are you in search of the best Content Management System or CMS platform? What Dean is is a talented writer. Textpattern is for production. In this article, I shall attempt to provide a comprehensive comparison of both WordPress vs Textpattern. This migration utility will convert your website directly to your new CMS platform swiftly and accurately. It does a job and does it well. Textpattern 4.8.0’s split live/dev theme workflow is a game changer for streamlining website updates. For the tech obsessed, sure, Textpattern isn’t going to be enough, and you’re right, it currently isn’t keeping up with the pack, but that’s not a reason to write it off. It is interesting nevertheless, to see porn is on the rise, while ecology isn’t really gaining much momentum compared to porn, even though most cucumbers are bigger than most of the male actors otherwise impressive reproductive organs. I’ve used Textile for years, and Markdown as well, and been very happy using it. Good article though. Since majority of commercially viable tech blogs and websites are powered by WordPress (not to mention the millions of blogs at, it is but natural that WP has a large number of themes and plugins. Often ideal for the single blogger or website developer, WordPress makes content management simple even for those that lack HTML knowledge. WordPress has Plugins Above thirty Thousand but Textpattern has just over a thousand. I’m not the guy who would switch to the newest and hottest CMS over there. This seems to be the most debatable topic. Web designers, developers, publishers and bloggers love its flexibility and extensibility. Did I say that? I haven’t tested WP for some tiem now but I feel more comfortable having him use TXP. Both have a great user base and power many wonderful websites!

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