The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair is a foldable high chair that is best for children and infants who are able to sit on their own. We found this omission to be in the chair’s favor in many ways, since most chairs’ footrests are too low for babies to reach until they nearly outgrow using the chair, and they just end up collecting food splatters and spills. The impressively supportive, adjustable, and durable Steelcase Gesture is still our pick for the best office chair for most people, as it has been since 2015. The Antilop has a simple, plain, but attractive look, with a white molded-plastic seat and tray and silver-tone steel legs. Many chairs, including perfectly fine ones we tested such as the OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, require caregivers to remove the tray, buckle in the baby, turn around and pick up the tray again, and then finally slide it into place. Click on any heading to sort … Plus, the chair cover is completely machine washable and has a safe five-point harness. We found this chair harder to assemble and adjust than the other wooden chairs we tested. Affordable (and Best Selling) – Plastic Durable Convertible High Chair This Evenflo high chair is a great value high chair that is durable and convenient. There’s no seat pad to worry about cleaning or dealing with a mold or mildew buildup and the double feeding tray is dishwasher safe. She's also not above a good poop story, because all parents have them. But once he hits the 4- to 6-month mark and you're starting to introduce foods like purees and small bites, your baby will need a high chair. We didn’t consider this function to be a requirement, as most parents will use a high chair for feeding solids, not for giving bottles or naps. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It may help justify the investment to know that the resale potential for used Tripp Trapps is strong—in New York, for example, the chairs often sell on Craigslist for more than $100. The wooden baby guard and bar that went between the legs were more difficult to use and less comfortable for my baby than the plastic Stokke baby set, and the Svan’s wooden tray (which had a difficult-to-remove plastic cover) was heavy. The Graco Duo Diner LX Highchair (about $150 currently) is a modular chair that doesn’t try to turn into a youth seat at all; it can work only as a regular high chair, a space-saver chair buckled to an adult chair, or a booster. We compared the Tripp Trapp against two other wooden, adjustable chairs with a similar footprint—the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair and the Svan Signet Complete High Chair—and found that the competitors had heavy wooden trays or clunky bentwood infant seats and were really better suited to kids age 3 and up. Pros . The Peg Perego Siesta is a high-quality chair with years of potential use. But it’s far easier for bigger kids to climb into by themselves, and it’s an unusually attractive piece of furniture that you might keep forever—or have an easy time selling secondhand. This high chair offers comfort, durability, versatility, ease of use, and a good compromise … The seat also has some buttons, grooves, and other parts that collect grime, and it isn’t the most comfortable seat for smaller babies.This chair, which comes in four colors, won’t win a beauty contest. It was the least expensive modular chair we tested, selling for about $100 at the time of our review, and it did look and feel a little cheaper than similar models we tried. On the other hand, there are also several stand-alone high chairs that fold up with ease or even fold down to a more compact size (foldable high chairs) for storing away when it’s not in use. I paid attention to how easy or difficult it was to get my tiny testing assistant—7-month-old Emilia—in and out of each chair, and I noted how tough it was to clean up after a regular meal, including when she’d smeared avocado on all reachable surfaces. This option creates a good place for infants to recline with a bottle, is great for a self-feeding hungry toddler, and almost everything in between. Saves space: With a hook on high chair, you’ll simply clip or hook the seat onto a table, saving you a lot of space. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, you may be able to get something that’s almost as good at a lower price … For high chairs, these tests include using a child test dummy to evaluate restraining systems; checking the load and stability of the chair; looking at whether the baby is protected from any exposed coil springs or protrusions; and seeing if the chair has any holes or openings that could pose entrapment hazards. Our favorite folding chair, the HDX Plastic Folding Chair, is affordable, durable, and feels more comfortable for long sits than any other chair we tried. The Stokke Tripp Trapp manual explains that the chair is not for use on rough surfaces and uneven floors, such as areas with rugs or tiles, because the chair needs to be able to slide backward. On the other hand, the high chair seat itself is much heavier and even more like a car seat than the other modular chairs, so it’s more difficult to take off and bring to the sink. The chair’s designer, Opsvik, told us he enjoyed how sustainable his creation had become. “The tray has a green post that collects water in the dishwasher. We took a look at a range of booster seats and portable high chairs, compared the features and price, made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide what is the best portable booster seat or travel high chair for your travel style. And frequent travelers will appreciate a chair that is light and easy to fold or take apart quickly to store or throw in the trunk. The modular plastic-and-metal chairs we tried (the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair, Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System, and Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair) were comfortable for babies but converted into awkward and at times unsafe chairs for preschoolers because of their wheeled bases and footrests, which weren’t suitable for climbing on. You can use it at the table with or without the attached tray, but either way, your baby is sure to be comfortable and have fun having their meals with the rest of the family. Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic vs Zip: Which Infant Car Seat is Better for You. This versatile, inexpensive seat buckles to an adult chair, can work with or without a tray, and folds up for the road. To start, I timed the two-person assembly of each of the 13 high chairs, noting any particular difficulties or frustrations. The tray insert goes right in the dishwasher—although we did find that it stains easily—and the seat itself is small enough to clean in the sink. Parents who want a high chair for eating at a breakfast bar or taller counter will need to get a different high chair, such as the OXO Tot Seedling. The tray’s 1-centimeter raised edge prevents many (but definitely not all) spills from ending up all over the floor, as well. But these are easily some of the best high chairs for smaller spaces that you will find. Drill out the bottom,” suggests one Amazon reviewer. It has a small, 22-by-24-inch footprint and a three-point safety harness, meaning no shoulder straps to get messy. Choosing the right high chair doesn’t have to be the hardest decision you will make as a parent and with all of these to choose from, it just became a little easier for you. This wooden chair is harder to clean and much more expensive than our top pick, but it can truly grow with a child, and it’s especially suitable for preschoolers. It has a fair price, accommodates children through different stages, and is sturdy. Still, this chair was harder to keep clean than our other three picks, primarily because food and liquid tended to fall through the booster seat to the adult chair below. We found that this design made starting mealtimes simpler and easier, and it reduced clutter around the kitchen and dining room. 12/02/2020 02:35 pm GMT, We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This is great if you’re looking for peace of mind, but it does also impact the price tag. Though we will likely consider these chairs in a future guide focused on travel chairs, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend clip-on chairs for everyday use because they can be dangerous if the caregiver doesn’t make sure that the table is stable and heavy enough to hold the baby’s weight, or if the baby can reach part of the table to kick and push the chair loose. The Healthy Care Deluxe can work with or without the tray, either as a booster seat pulled right up to the table or as a space-saver high chair. Best High-Tech High Chair: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair. Plus, there are multiple settings on the tray to get it at just the right position for your growing toddler.Â. The BabyBjörn High Chair is very similar to our pick but has a better baby-hugging tray and a removable cover. Last, the price of this model is far, far higher than that of our top pick, which may seem like a leap. Removing the tray for the first time will likely leave parents wondering if it is intended to come off. Premium pick: Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair, Sapphire 9.90/10 2. I tested the Tripp Trapp with the add-on Baby Set, which consists of a plastic seat and back that attach to the chair’s wooden slats. In contrast to the seat backs on many other chairs, the one on the Antilop does not recline. It clamps to the end of most tables to give your little one a comfortable spot at the dinner table no matter where you are. But if the tray isn’t attached, you can push the adult chair right up to the table, hiding the booster from sight. The safety harness just hung on the chair, so in our tests it kept getting stuck underneath my baby when I tried to get her buckled in. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Most—though not all—of the chairs we eventually tested have JPMA certification. The Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair is a more unique alternative to the standard high chair you might be used to. Wirecutter is reader-supported. The Stokke’s footprint is comparable in size to that of the IKEA Antilop and the BabyBjörn, our other picks. Best Full-Size High Chairs. We approached this guide with first-time parents in mind. We also rejected chairs without dishwasher-safe trays or tray liners. But it’s tougher to clean and … A high chair has the potential to drive a parent crazy if it has spaces underneath the seat where liquids can pool, or a seat cover that you can’t throw in the washing machine after a diaper leaks. But they might not work with round or oval-shapes, tables with thin lips or ones that aren’t solid enough to support your baby’s weight. Crumbs, food, and liquid fell through the removable space saver and booster seat to the bottom youth-chair seat, which remained connected to the base. One way to evaluate whether a chair is safe is to see if it has been certified to meet Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association safety standards. We will kick off this list with a bang, and by that I mean the most commonly purchased type of high chair. The JPMA-certified Stokke Tripp Trapp was extremely comfortable for my 7-month-old, and the recycled-plastic Baby Set attachment was easy to secure and went right in the dishwasher for cleanup. Either way, the high chair offers a comfortable and safe place for your little one to have meals with the family. Plus, when it’s folded, the high chair can stand on its own, which is another added bonus. It folds up that small and compact. Others, such as the Evenflo Convertible High Chair, which converts to a table and chair for a toddler and appears to be easy to care for, had online reviews that revealed major cleaning issues. Easy to clean: After talking with dozens of parents about their high chair experiences and reading hundreds of online reviews, we concluded that ease of cleaning was the factor that made most people love or hate their high chair. The attached tray swings open with just one hand, which can make it a lot easier to use and operate than your standard removable trays that typically come on high chairs. I spent nine hours researching high chairs, starting by identifying any models with safety concerns and consulting with Dr. Heather Felton, a Louisville, Kentucky, pediatrician and a spokesperson for the American Association of Pediatrics, who is an expert in safety and injury prevention. But families who have found their current high chair to be frustrating and permanently covered in grime might want to consider a different chair that’s easier to use and clean—especially if kid number two is on the way. ”Most falls happen when a child is climbing or standing on the chair.” Many IKEA products are now also available through Amazon, but often for an absurdly inflated price. You can use it as a regular high chair, a space-saver high chair buckled to an adult chair, a booster seat, or a youth chair. The Antilop, which IKEA introduced more than a decade ago, has become such a budget favorite that clever folks on Etsy have come up with ways to get parents to spend more, creating $16 silicone placemats that fit perfectly inside the tray (making cleanup even simpler) and selling $35 handmade cushion covers in cute fabrics. I dumped a cup of crushed Goldfish crackers on top of each chair (with a baby in the seat for accuracy). To use it, you simply strap it securely to a dining chair and your baby or toddler can begin eating with the family by using the connected tray. The tray is big enough that you can use a plate on it to get your baby used to using them before they start eating at the table . Some families put the high chair away before a child turns 2, while others continue to use the chair through toddlerhood, or sometimes beyond if it’s a booster or a convertible model. You can also collapse the high chair down flat, but the difference here is that it is so flat, you can pick it up by a handle and store it away anywhere, from in a cramped closet to under the sofa. Trying to remove the tray when the baby is in the chair, however, is dangerous, and IKEA warns against this behavior in stickers on the tray itself. Offering different height settings, this design is a modular chair that includes several parts stacked on top of one another. During our testing, though, the safety straps and buckle did scrub free of all stickiness and stains. The Nook also folds flat with one hand and leans nicely against the wall. You can even take it with you on the go and clamp it to the side of tables in most restaurants.Â. *At the time of publishing, the price was $6. Many features set this high chair apart, but perhaps the best is the magnetic tray which makes one-handed maneuvering a breeze. In November 2018, Stokke introduced a newborn seat attachment that allows the Tripp Trapp to be used from birth up to a maximum weight of 19.8 pounds (though most kids will probably want to be able sit up well before then). “If there is some kind of locking mechanism, make sure that you hear it lock before putting your child into the chair. Despite appearing larger, the Stokke Tripp Trapp actually has a smaller footprint than our IKEA and BabyBjörn picks. There are nine different height adjustments to choose from to get your baby at the right height, depending on your dining room or kitchen table. Falling is the most common high chair accident that lands a child in the emergency room—usually because caregivers don’t fasten the safety straps that come with the chair or leave them too loose, explained Dr. Heather Felton, a Louisville, Kentucky, pediatrician and injury-prevention expert. These are the best high chairs for small spaces: The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair isn’t your standard standalone high chair, but it does offer everything a regular one does and more. And when you want to take it on the go with you, you can fold the high chair flat for easy transport. But we plan to consider them for future guides focused on chairs specifically for travel. Not only that, but the Primo Cozy Tot also converts to a toddler chair when needed, but you can switch back and forth between modes with a few easy steps. The straps did come right off the frame easily and could go in the washing machine, but otherwise this model was a pain to clean. In fact, your little one can get literal years of use out of the space-saving high chair thanks to its versatile design. Perhaps the most significant flaw for many potential buyers: Purchasing this chair for $20 requires a trip to IKEA (you can also buy it through the IKEA website, though shipping fees vary). 7 Best Travel High Chairs to Take Anywhere! Little fists knocking over dishes. My almost-3-year-old fit fine, although she looked huge in this chair. After 40 hours of testing, including cleaning up pureed sweet potato and crushed Goldfish crackers from 13 high chairs, we’re confident that the simple IKEA Antilop will make mealtimes easier than high chairs that cost 10 times as much. Any parent getting an Antilop as a hand-me-down or buying one used should check the manufacturing date. 9.89/10 1. The company modified the chair’s safety straps in 2012 after a recall; the restraint buckle opened unexpectedly, causing three kids to fall and suffer minor injuries. Overall quite easy to clean and maintain. We discovered that the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against chairs that clip to a tabletop for everyday use, because using these chairs involves so many variables—the table must be stable and heavy enough to hold the weight of the baby and the chair, the caregiver needs to lock it properly, and the baby may be able to kick and push if they can reach part of the table with their legs. While the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System may be difficult to assemble, we find it to be the best high chair based on safety, price, and features. The all-wood Keekaroo Height Right High Chair (about $190 at this writing) has a similar system for adjusting the seat and footrest as the Stokke Tripp Trapp, so it can see use throughout childhood and as an adult chair. In the end, safety is most important. Like the IKEA Antilop and the BabyBjörn High Chair, the Healthy Care Deluxe has no fabric to wash and is simple to put together (we took less than two minutes). Overall, the Stokke seemed the sturdiest of the 13 chairs we tested. *At the time of publishing, the price was $34. In making this decision, we also eliminated other models that clip to a table (including the Phil&Teds Lobster Portable High Chair and the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair). We considered many chairs at a price somewhere between the approximate $20 of our top pick and the nearly tenfold increase for this model, but we disqualified them for various reasons you’ll find in the Competition section. In our tests, it did feel great to just put all of that in my dishwasher’s bottom rack and press the start button, but those weren’t the only parts of the chair we had to clean. Dr. Heather Felton, Louisville pediatrician, expert in safety and injury prevention, and spokesperson for the American Association of Pediatrics, email interview, May 16, 2017, Betsy Holman, brand marketing, Graco, phone interview, May 18, 2017, Domenic Gubitosi, director of product design for Fisher-Price, babygear division, phone interview, May 18, 2017, Bridgette Kovacevich, marketing manager for BabySwede, the licensed North American distributor for BabyBjörn, email interview, May 24, 2017, Peter Opsvik, designer of the Stokke Tripp Trapp and author of "Rethinking Sitting", email interview, May 31, 2017, Howard Greenspan, owner of SCS Direct, maker of the Svan high chair, phone interview, May 15, 2017, Jessica Stevenson & BabyGearLab Team, The Battle of the Best High Chair, BabyGearLab, May 21, 2015, 2017 Moms' Picks: Best highchairs, BabyCenter. Best for Big Babies: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair at Target "With all the features of a high chair in half the space, this seat … Or if you prefer, you can leave it hooked to your table. Best Overall: Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair at Amazon "This foldable chair has seven different settings and can literally grow with your baby from infancy through school age." Boon Flair Highchair Without Seat Pad Or Tray – White. Still, the Ingenuity outperformed other modular chairs in one big way—no juice slipped through to the bottom seat. The Best High Chairs of 2020. You might also go with a high chair that attaches to the side of your kitchen or dining table since in those cases, you can also take the little high chair on the go and use it almost anywhere. The solid-beech Stokke Tripp Trapp is the only chair we tested that is truly comfortable and easy to use for both infants and preschoolers who are ready to climb into a chair by themselves. I also researched the top sellers on the websites of Amazon, Target, and other top retailers, and read scores of online customer reviews. It’s a little tougher to clean, its seat is smaller, and it has a much heftier price tag, too. We can make comparisons on weight, though, and the Tripp Trapp, at about 15 pounds, is heavier to move around than lightweight plastic-and-steel chairs like the IKEA Antilop or the BabyBjörn. If you prefer to start off with a high chair that connects to your kitchen chairs instead of stand on its own, there are a few to choose from. The simple, compact Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat buckles to an adult chair and makes for a versatile travel chair or a spare chair to keep at Grandma’s house. Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair. The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, which buckles to an adult chair, is smaller, lighter (4.7 pounds), and easier to travel with than our top pick, making it a great second chair to keep at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or to take on a trip. The Phil&Teds Poppy High Chair looks like something out of The Jetsons and is reasonably priced at about $120 currently. If you eat at a taller counter or use a high breakfast bar, however, and need a chair with adjustable height, the Seedling is a great choice. One reviewer on Amazon, a parent who wanted a small-footprint chair with no fabric to get stained, writes in appreciation of its light weight and cleanability: “That makes it perfect to just throw into the tub to hose down if necessary. Best High Chair of 2020- A Look at What’s Hot & New! This also includes any wheels that may be on the feet of the chair,” she told us. This process left us with a lineup of 13 high chairs. Between them, I’ve used a high chair or a booster seat—and cleaned one up after a meal—more than a thousand times. Best budget high chair: IKEA's ANTILOP High Chair. The BabyBjörn chair does not have a formal warranty. The chair was even better for my preschooler, who could climb into it herself. What type of portable high chair is best? © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Slightly better, for almost 10 times the money, Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Also great: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, begin eating solid food around 5 or 6 months, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association safety standards, American Academy of Pediatrics warns against, Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair, different high chair, such as the OXO Tot, part of an exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair, Fisher-Price's 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair, American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend, Louisville pediatrician, expert in safety and injury prevention, and spokesperson for the American Association of Pediatrics, designer of the Stokke Tripp Trapp and author of "Rethinking Sitting", How to Make Your Cheap Office Chair More Comfortable. A high chair is one of the few baby-gear items that are pretty much necessities. With both the Tripp Trapp and any booster, such as the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe, in which a child is buckled to an adult chair, parents need to watch for frames underneath the table that the child could push their legs against, causing themselves to tilt backward. Reviews of 10 Best Folding High Chairs 1. Some parents also think this model feels too small for bigger kids, and it does look tiny next to many bestselling chairs. We’ve added information about a new seat attachment for newborns for the Stokke Tripp Trapp. With that said, here’s a look at the best high chairs under $100 for 2017. Removing the tray for the first time will likely leave parents wondering if it is intended to come off. Manufacturers choose to participate in this program, which tests chairs independently according to safety standards from ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials). With 8 adjustable height positions and reclining from 5 different angles, you can be assured that this is the most comfortable high seat for your baby. Parents who want their baby to eat apart from the table can buy an optional $50 Stokke plastic tray that is lightweight, dishwasher safe, and easy to attach to the Baby Set. Inglesina Fast Table Chair - Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair - Use at Most Tables or Restaurants Without Leaving Scratches {Black} 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,998 $69.00 - $89.99 Updated October 9, 2020 Your baby’s high chair has the power to dramatically affect your parenting experience. This chair is well-designed with useful features like adjustable recline, height, and footrest. The best thing about the Joovy Nook (about $120 at this writing) is that its tray opens and swings out to one side so that the caregiver doesn’t need to take it off and then put it back on when seating the baby in the chair. Editors choice: Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Multicolor 9.05/10 3. The seat does lock in six different positions though so your little one isn’t left moving around. The most annoying areas to scrub clean were, yet again, the footrest and footrest-adjustment slots. The seat cover has a lot of cushions to keep your little one comfortable and even little pads on the shoulder straps, which work to keep your baby safe during meals. Its adjustable tray fits neatly around a baby’s tummy and has a dishwasher-safe, easy-to-snap-on-and-off tray cover that simplifies cleanup—the Antilop’s tray is hard enough to remove that many people don’t even try.

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